Electronic Receipting

Parents have enough to keep track of without trying to manage paper receipts. Electronic Receipting is a standard component to all EFS systems and platforms. Our web-hosted, browser-based, online system supplies parents and users who create an EFS account a payment confirmation to their email address. From that point on, any payments or purchases made through their EFS account will generate an electronic record in their transaction history and send a receipt.

This system isn’t just designed to streamline parents’ lives. Our POS (point of sale) solutions offer Electronic Receipting regardless of whether the payer is a student, parent, or guest. Collect the necessary data trail without mounds of paperwork to shuffle through at the close of an event or business day. Emailed receipts list detailed transaction information that match EFS Reports.

Because mobile devices are so prevalent, EFS makes Electronic Receipting available through our mobile platform too! Discrepancies and bookkeeping are easily reconciled via smartphone or tablet, as payment confirmations are emailed once a transaction is complete. Another distinct advantage is that even guest payers who do not have an EFS account can choose to have a receipt emailed to them upon checkout.